ldap3.extend.microsoft.addMembersToGroups module

ldap3.extend.microsoft.addMembersToGroups.ad_add_members_to_groups(connection, members_dn, groups_dn, fix=True, raise_error=False)[source]
  • connection – a bound Connection object
  • members_dn – the list of members to add to groups
  • groups_dn – the list of groups where members are to be added
  • fix – checks for group existence and already assigned members
  • raise_error – If the operation fails it raises an error instead of returning False

a boolean where True means that the operation was successful and False means an error has happened

Establishes users-groups relations following the Active Directory rules: users are added to the member attribute of groups. Raises LDAPInvalidDnError if members or groups are not found in the DIT.