ldap3.core.tls module

class ldap3.core.tls.Tls(local_private_key_file=None, local_certificate_file=None, validate=0, version=None, ca_certs_file=None, valid_names=None, ca_certs_path=None, ca_certs_data=None, local_private_key_password=None, ciphers=None, sni=None)

Bases: object

tls/ssl configuration for Server object Starting from python 2.7.9 and python 3.4 uses the SSLContext object that tries to read the CAs defined at system level ca_certs_path and ca_certs_data are valid only when using SSLContext local_private_key_password is valid only when using SSLContext sni is the server name for Server Name Indication (when available)

wrap_socket(connection, do_handshake=False)

Adds TLS to the connection socket

ldap3.core.tls.check_hostname(sock, server_name, additional_names)