Inside the “test” package you can find examples for each LDAP operation. You can customize the test modifying the variables in the __init__.py in the test package. You can set the following parameters:

test_server = 'server'  # the LDAP server where tests are executed
test_user = 'user'  # the user that performs the tests
test_password = 'password'  # user's password
test_base = 'o=test'  # base context where test objects are created
test_moved = 'ou=moved,o=test'  # base context where objects are moved in ModifyDN operations
test_name_attr = 'cn'  # naming attribute for test objects
test_port = 389  # ldap port
test_port_ssl = 636  # ldap secure port
test_authentication = SIMPLE  # authentication type
test_strategy = SYNC  # strategy for executing tests
#test_strategy = ASYNC  # uncomment this line to test the asynchronous strategy
# test_strategy = RESTARTABLE  # uncomment this line to test the sync_restartable strategy

To execute the test suite you need an LDAP server with the test_base and test_moved containers and a test_user with privileges to add, modify and remove objects in that context.

To execute the test_tls unit test you must supply your own certificates or tests will fail.

The test package is available in the git repository.