ldap3.strategy.mockBase module

class ldap3.strategy.mockBase.MockBaseStrategy

Bases: object

Base class for connection strategy

add_entry(dn, attributes, validate=True)
equal(dn, attribute_type, value_to_check)
evaluate_filter_node(node, candidates)

After evaluation each 2 sets are added to each MATCH node, one for the matched object and one for unmatched object. The unmatched object set is needed if a superior node is a NOT that reverts the evaluation. The BOOLEAN nodes mix the sets returned by the MATCH nodes

mock_add(request_message, controls)
mock_bind(request_message, controls)
mock_compare(request_message, controls)
mock_delete(request_message, controls)
mock_extended(request_message, controls)
mock_modify(request_message, controls)
mock_modify_dn(request_message, controls)
send(message_type, request, controls=None)
class ldap3.strategy.mockBase.PagedSearchSet(response, size, criticality)

Bases: object