ldap3.protocol.sasl.sasl module

ldap3.protocol.sasl.sasl.abort_sasl_negotiation(connection, controls)

implement SASLPrep profile as per RFC4013: it defines the “SASLprep” profile of the “stringprep” algorithm [StringPrep]. The profile is designed for use in Simple Authentication and Security Layer ([SASL]) mechanisms, such as [PLAIN], [CRAM-MD5], and [DIGEST-MD5]. It may be applicable where simple user names and passwords are used. This profile is not intended for use in preparing identity strings that are not simple user names (e.g., email addresses, domain names, distinguished names), or where identity or password strings that are not character data, or require different handling (e.g., case folding).

ldap3.protocol.sasl.sasl.send_sasl_negotiation(connection, controls, payload)
ldap3.protocol.sasl.sasl.validate_simple_password(password, accept_empty=False)

validate simple password as per RFC4013 using sasl_prep: