ldap3.extend.novell.addMembersToGroups module

ldap3.extend.novell.addMembersToGroups.edir_add_members_to_groups(connection, members_dn, groups_dn, fix, transaction)
  • connection – a bound Connection object
  • members_dn – the list of members to add to groups
  • groups_dn – the list of groups where members are to be added
  • fix – checks for inconsistences in the users-groups relation and fixes them
  • transaction – activates an LDAP transaction

a boolean where True means that the operation was successful and False means an error has happened

Establishes users-groups relations following the eDirectory rules: groups are added to securityEquals and groupMembership attributes in the member object while members are added to member and equivalentToMe attributes in the group object. Raises LDAPInvalidDnError if members or groups are not found in the DIT.